Our Process

Broda is made using a process that is foreign to modern spirits. We zest lemons and grate ginger to create the deep and complex flavors found in the base of our vodka. The rest of the lemon is later juiced and added. Not all lemons are created equal, so it is vital that we taste every batch at every step of production to ensure consistency.

As a sweetener, we use raw, unfiltered honey that is not only a better-for-you option, but perfectly balances the vodka. It gifts each drinker a real honey taste, a soothing mouth feel, and loads of beneficial nutrients. It is sourced from a small Michigan farm just a short drive away.

We peel every bit of the ginger to maximize its fresh and light taste. This gives it a warm, unique kick at the end of each sip. After it's all mixed in and filtered, we let our spirit age for a period of time. This allows for the flavors to relax and get the chance to know each other.

We use a traditional process that has been unchanged for centuries. We go through all this trouble because it doesn’t taste right without it - others don’t because the alternative is easier. We’re not charging a premium; you’re drinking a premium product.